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Marine STP

GWT’s marine STP is a top-of-the-line product designed to meet the rigorous demands of the shipping industry. With its advanced physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes, this plant effectively removes pollutants and harmful substances from all types of wastewater generated on board a ship. GWT’s marine STP is available in various sizes and capacities to suit different ship types and sizes. Its compact design allows for easy installation, while its reliable and efficient operation helps ship operators comply with environmental regulations and save money on shore-based wastewater treatment facilities. Trust GWT’s marine STP to provide effective and efficient wastewater treatment for your vessel.

Operations & Maintenance

Marine SWRO

GWT’s marine SWRO (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis) is a high-performance water treatment product designed specifically for the shipping industry. This plant effectively removes salt and other impurities from seawater, making it safe for human consumption and other onboard uses. With its advanced reverse osmosis technology, GWT’s marine SWRO produces clean and fresh water while minimizing energy consumption and maximizing water recovery. This product is available in various sizes and capacities to meet the needs of different ship types and sizes. Trust GWT’s marine SWRO to provide reliable and efficient water treatment for your vessel, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey at sea.

Containerized Package

GWT’s containerized package is a compact and portable water treatment product designed for easy transport and installation. This package includes all the necessary components for a complete water treatment system, including pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, and post-treatment processes. The containerized package is available in various sizes and capacities to meet the specific needs of different applications, from small communities to industrial facilities. With its advanced technology and efficient operation, GWT’s containerized package provides reliable and cost-effective water treatment solutions, helping to ensure access to safe and clean water in any location. Trust GWT’s containerized package to provide high-quality water treatment wherever it’s needed.

Build Own Transfer (BOT) & Build Own Operate

We focus on ethical and environmental practices. We aim our business to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s water resources, both for today and future generations.

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