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Other Treatment Systems


Other Treatment Systems

GWT offers a wide range of water treatment solutions that is inevitable

We take our responsibility to preserve nature and our resources very ...seriously at GWT. Hence, we have ensured that our water treatment systems offer much more than what is expected from us.

TSE Polishing System

Gulf Water Treatment Co. specialises in Treated Sewage Effluent Polishing plants. These systems help in building the framework for sustainable water consumption by reinforcing water quality. This significantly reduces the environmental impact of effluent output and contributes to conserving the environment.  The resulting water output is in fact of a quality superior to fresh water and can be used for various infrastructural applications.

water treatment solution

Produced Water Treatment Systems

The responsible reuptake and disposal of produced water such as that resulting from process waste and hazardous chemical effluent is vital to ensuring that the biosphere is not adversely affected. At Gulf Water Treatment Co. Ltd., we design bespoke technology that reduces overhead costs that can be incurred during this detailed process. We ensure optimum recovery to clarify the process waste water no matter how large the volume that results from the turnover.

High Saline Water Treatment Solutions

Industrial activities continuously produce a large amount of brine water that requires aeration, desalination, and adsorption in order to render it harmless to the environment. Gulf Water Treatment Co. Ltd., is a one stop shop for reliable solutions for industrial high saline water treatment. Our technologies use sustainable and harmless methods of treating concentrated water so that it can’t be discharged in natural water bodies or reused without any hassles.

High Saline Water Treatment Solutions

UV Disinfection/Filtration Systems

Ultraviolet radiation is used to sterilize and disinfect water & wastewater to ensure removal of pathogens and other microorganisms within the germicidal spectrum. These filtration units are easily installed, highly eco-friendly, and do not involve the usage of chemical components during the treatment process. It is a quick water conservation procedure that can work round the clock. At Gulf Water Treatment Co. Ltd., there are multiple tailor-made economical options for UV disinfection systems. These filtration systems are also very cost effective because they require only maintenance annually and are completely hassle-free.

Pumping Stations

Along with other components, Gulf Water Treatment Co. Ltd., also provides booster pump solutions that manage the flow and pressure of the water/waste water resulting from any treatment and filtration units. Booster sets contribute to a higher recovery, thus making sure that the engineering is adequately cooled, reinforced, and geared to clarify the water discharge.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

We believe every drop is precious, especially with rapidly depleting natural resources that require replenishing and decontaminating. Gulf Water Treatment Co. Ltd., promises you round-the-clock stellar service with Zero Liquid Discharge options that make sure there is no waste liquid permeate. We design custom made systems as per the feed and application requirement ensuring appropriate solutions at optimum costs.

We focus on ethical and environmental practices. We aim our business to protect the environment and preserve the earth’s water resources, both for today and future generations.

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