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All occupied facilities require access to treated water, especially buildings in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. For instance, if your company runs a manufacturing process involving water packaging, these processes risk contamination due to exposure to bacterial endotoxins, compromising the safety of your product. To prevent contamination, you need onsite pharma water treatment systems that prevent the buildup of mycobacterium avium complex and pseudomonas.

Pharmaceutical buildings require three main tiers of treated water to meet safety standards across multiple applications. These tiers include purified water, highly purified water, and water for injection.

At Gulf Water treatment Services we aim to server all the areas of purity that your facility requires such as:

  • Manufacturing pills from drugs. Processes often use purified water to prepare medication in the form of orally consumed pills that individuals absorb through digestion.
  • Non-injectable drugs. Many non-injectable products use purified water, including suppositories, patches, ointments, and products that individuals consume through the nose, eyes, and ears.
  • Lab equipment cleaning processes. Purified water is frequently used to wash product-contact containers, process equipment for non-parenteral product preparation, and components used in the production of parenteral products.
  • Pretreatment for water use. When preparing water for injection and pure steam, many pharmaceutical companies use purified water for pretreatment purposes.

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